Different Drills and Lessons to Improve Your Swimming

Are you an aspiring competitive swimmer?  If so, then it is never too early to start getting professional instruction in order to improve your stroke.  Professional swimming instruction could be the difference between getting that athletic scholarship to college and having to pay your own way.

Here are just a few of the benefits that you can receive from getting professional swimming lessons.

Group and individual instruction

A professional swimming instructor can help you both in a group and on an individual level.  While you will get more attention and focus in a private lesson, group lessons can still be very helpful.  The major difference between the two, of course, is going to be price.

If you can afford private instruction, then definitely go that route.  However, even if you can’t, make sure that you at least get group instruction.

Underwater video analysis

Let’s say you are doing breaststroke drills and, according to your instructor, everything looks fine.  This is a good thing, but the simple fact is that there is no true way for the instructor to know whether or not you are utilizing the proper technique unless they are able to get a look at your entire body.

Thankfully, most instructors now utilize underwater cameras in order to get a better look, and this is something that has helped a lot of swimmers to become better.

Lectures on theory

breaststroke drills

A good instructor will also be able to provide you with thorough lectures that properly explain theory and the proper technique to swim as efficiently as possible.  This is something that you generally will not get without swimming lessons, and so it is another service that you ought to take advantage of.

Find an instructor near you and find out what services they offer.