Have Perfect Forestry Maps

You can have the best forestry maps for any purpose. Ideally, this would be for land sales to companies that will use the resources. You want to be sure they use the resources within the law and the right maps will help determine what land they can use for tree harvesting or for other natural resource harvesting. It is a matter of determining the specific lay of the land.

With the right software, any maps can be loaded and digitized while being georectified. Trust software that is used by the most experienced foresters around. You want to see many years of direct map experience. You need real-time forestry map digitization that goes above and beyond what Google Maps or other programs would provide and you need it updated to reflect the time.

You cannot get this with Google Maps. Those maps are from satellites that take photos at given intervals that are often many months apart and that means they will not necessarily be up to date. Instead, you will have access to the best software for digitization of your maps in real time. That means loggers will be able to show specific acreages that have been harvested.

forestry map digitization

Trust the better map digitization services and get what you really need. For forestry purposes, it has to be detailed and accurate. Services offered include timber stand photointerpretation, imagery acquisition, and online ESRI map resources in addition to digitization and the ability to georectify maps. Look to experienced digital forestry maps for what you need.

Expect the best quality, especially when it comes to stands that have recently been cut. The maps are made from the most recent photos from satellites and aircraft photography. This means that accuracy is assured across the map for even the most particular land owners to peruse.